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    DanYang WANBO Auto Parts Factory is a international company specialized in R&D, produce, marketing and after-sales service Of wiper blades, wiper arms and linkages for different kinds of automobiles, with market center based in Shanghai City and factory based in Danang City. It Established in 2008, more than 5 years,although the history of our company is not long ,the R&D is the the leading level of the field of wiper blade.
    With excellent manufacture theory and constant improvement of quality, on time delivery,competitive pricing and prompt service, we have won the trust and credibility of our growing list of customers.We pride ourselves as exclusive OEM supplier for famous auto brand and top leading brands in wiper blade in China. And establish our own brand--YXZ wiper.
    Our goal is to provide innovative and reliable quality wiper blades by constantly researching and developing new designs.With leading R&D ability and superior standard of quality ,our company obtains quality certifications for the factory, including ISO9001 and ISO/TS 16949:2009.
    We has its own marketing system. our products sell to many countries all over theworld, including America, Asia, Middle East countries, etc.
 Company Name:  DanYang WANBO Auto Parts Factory
 Address:  Yaoxiang Village,Picheng Town,Danyang city,Jiangsu Province   212311
 Telephone No.:  +86-0511-86339718
 Fax No.:  +86-0511-86301761
 Marketing Center Location:  Shanghai, China
 Established Date:  2008
 No. of Employee:  50
 Plant Size:    square feet
   square meter
 Factory Capacity:  Monthly: 350,000 pcs
 Yearly: 4,200,000 pcs
 Shipping Port:  Shanghai, China
 Min. Order Qty.  500 pcs per each size
 US$1,0000 per each shipment
 Type of Business:  Exporter, Manufacturer
 Own Brands:  WNBO WIPER & XYZ
 Product Range:  Wiper Blade, Wiper Arm, Wiper Refill and rubber
 Certification:  ISO/TS16949:2009


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